Check Out the New Chrysler Pacifica Interior Features

In the past, Chrysler has always focused on comfort and class with the Pacifica. The latest model now has a higher quality material and more technology built in than in previous trims. While the features list is quite long, there are a few things that really stand out to make the Pacifica one of the top minivans today.

The interior features power second-row windows, proximity keys, six-speaker surround sound, Chrysler's Uconnect entertainment console that includes a large 7-inch touchscreen. You can control most of the components with the voice command recognition system...


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Haul Anything Anywhere in the Dodge Durango

A three-row SUV like the Dodge Durango built its people-pleasing popularity on its spacious interior and driving conveniences. But it also works well for hauling boats, campers, or work trailers with its performance features.

Of its three engine choices, the 6.4L HEMI® V8 that comes standard with the SRT® trim offers the most pulling power at 8,700 lbs. It also delivers 475 horsepower and 470 lb.-ft. of torque, which lets you maintain traction on all types of terrain under differing driving conditions. To keep what you’re hauling stable and under controlled...

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Feel the Power of the 2018 Chrysler 300

What are you in the market for? A vehicle that's full of performance features or one that's comfortable and luxurious? With the 2018 Chrysler 300 you don't have to pick. This car is a stunning full-size luxury sedan full of state-of-the-art performance features.

The 2018 Chrysler 300 has a powerful 5.7 HEMI® V8 engine. This eight-speed automatic is capable of producing 363 horsepower. Fuel Saver Technology automatically reduces the number of cylinders your engine uses when driving conditions permit. Accelerate like you mean it with Sport Mode...

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Caring about plants while trying to avoid getting stuck in the snow

Sand and kitty litter are much better options than salt when a driver is worried about plants close to a parking lot or driveway when they are trying use materials to get their car to move on the ice. Sand and kitty litter are best as they will not harm the plants and will actually help the plants to thrive by giving it an environment that can both have proper water drainage as well as proper water retention.

We here at Gene Steffy Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM want our Fremont customers to keep this in mind the next time that…
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Headlight Concerns

Every member of our team here at Gene Steffy Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM is concerned with the overall safety of our clients, and we are always very interested in helping make sure that your vehicle is serving you well. There is a lot of routine maintenance that needs to be periodically done to your vehicle as well as repairs and when it comes to your headlights, let us here at Gene Steffy Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM help get you back on the road in no time with brighter, whiter bulbs that will help you see the road in front of…
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Horsepower 101 for Fremont Commuters

The term horsepower was adopted in the late eighteenth century. It was coined by a Scottish engineer by the name of James Watt. Watt had developed a new type of steam engine that was far superior to similar products already on the market. Watt wanted to sell his engines to coal mine owners who used horses to do their labor. These potential customers had also had bad experiences with other steam engines and weren't ready to test another model.

Watt decided that he had to accurately compare the output of the steam engines with the power of the draft…

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Take Your Next Auto Service Appointment to the Modern Era

Online purchases are in high demand. They are convenient. They help consumers enjoy browsing items they want to purchase from home. Now you can schedule auto service at home, right from the computer! Scheduling a service appointment has never been easier with our dealership.

Our new online service scheduler makes it a simple process. You can schedule your own appointment within the time frame that fits best. We don't want you to stress about scheduling a service appointment. Maintenance should always be a priority for every vehicle owner. 

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When Should You be Changing Your Vehicle's Oil?

Technology has brought about many different advancements over the years. Some of those advancements are ones that directly affect the longevity of engine oil and how often oil needs to be changed in newer vehicles. If you have a vehicle that was manufactured in the last 20 years, chances are the oil only needs to be changed every 5,000-10,000 miles.

Oil chemistry and technology used to build vehicle engines is far more advanced than it was 20 years ago allowing for longer periods between oil changes. There are a few things however that could require you to change…

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Understanding the Actual Difference Between All-Wheel-Drive and Four-Wheel-Drive

Sometimes people get the definitions of all-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive confused. It would seem to some that the items discussed are really just the same thing. That is not really the truth as we shall soon see. Although both processes do supply power to the four wheels of a vehicle for the purposes of giving more traction when driving, that is where any similarity ends.

Four-wheel-drive gets its mojo from a split differential and a lowered gear ratio. It is prominently found in pickup trucks and off-road, oversized SUVs.

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Don't Let Your Tires Wear Down Too Far

Of all of the varying parts of your vehicle, one of the most important is the tires. They make contact with the road, and give you the traction and support you need to travel over the different terrains and varying weather conditions.

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