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Is GAP Insurance Right for You?

Many people ask exactly why they need GAP insurance and we can understand why you might hesitate to accept this additional coverage. Don't you pay enough in auto insurance fees? Isn't the purpose of insurance to provide protection you in case of an accident? Well, not exactly because if your car is totaled in an accident, you will quickly discover that there is a difference between the assessed fair market value and the actual value of your vehicle

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Chrysler Pacifica Wows with Special Features

What is the most widely heard phrase in the history of traveling with kids? If you answered that it’s the question, “are we there yet?” you’d be right.

In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that children in the 1800s asked their parents that very same question as they traveled across the countryside by covered wagon.

For Chrysler Pacifica owners, there is a new app called (can you guess?) “Are We There Yet?” The app ties into the Pacifica’s own navigation system, allowing passengers in the backseat to track their progress via a screen.

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Chrysler Throw Back Thursday: The Good Old Days

Did you grow up hearing about simpler times at your grandfather’s knee? Did he reminisce about “the way things used to be,” sharing stories from his own childhood and the fun he enjoyed with simple toys and times with friends and siblings?

Many of us can recount the happy memories of our grandparents or parents as though we were right there with them in childhood. Memories of ice skating on frozen ponds, visiting a favorite shop owned by an aunt or uncle and getting a penny candy treat, or the happiness of birthdays complete with homemade cakes made by…

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