When you are purchasing a new car you need to consider the warranty, because it can save you thousands of dollars over the vehicle’s lifespan. 

These are some of the different warranties offered for a vehicle, and what you can do and what you cannot do while your car is under warranty.


The Powertrain Warranty

The base warranty you will find on new cars is the powertrain warranty. This is the basic info you need about powertrain warranties:

  • The powertrain warranty is provided by the car manufacturer and not the dealer. However, you can purchase an extension to a powertrain warranty at a dealership.

  • A powertrain warranty covers any part in your car that is responsible for providing power to your vehicle's wheels. If you experience any issues with your engine, transmission, or driveshaft, you can send it in to your local Fremont, Nebraska Chrysler dealership, and the powertrain warranty will cover it.

  • Also, the powertrain warranty may come with time and mileage restrictions. Chrysler’s powertrain warranty extends to five years of the life of the car or when the car hits 60,000 miles. Once the powertrain warranty ends, you can either purchase an extension or be responsible for all costs if your vehicle is damaged later.

  • While the powertrain warranty fully covers any repairs to your engine, transmission, and driveshaft, you will still need to pay a deductible.


Dealer Warranties

Dealerships will offer their own exclusive warranties on top of the powertrain warranties. These dealership warranties can extend your existing powertrain warranty or offer special pricing on repairs and maintenance.


One example of an exclusive dealership warranty is the Gene Steffy Chrysler Dodge Jeep “Warranty Forever” program. The “Warranty Forever” program extends your powertrain warranty for the lifespan of your vehicle. It is also an excellent dealership warranty because it includes zero mileage restrictions and a $0 deductible.


A good place to research the warranties offered by the dealership is directly on the dealership website. The dealership site will list all available warranties, as well as go over any restrictions and requirements to qualify.


Buy a Used Car with Caution 

There are some things you should consider about your warranty options if you are interested in purchasing a used vehicle.

  • You will not get the full value of the original powertrain warranty. Depending on the age and mileage of the used vehicle you are purchasing, you may only have a few years or miles remaining of the standard five year/60,000 mile powertrain warranty.

  • You may purchase an extension or new powertrain warranty for your used vehicle. However, if you are buying a used car to save money, consider the added costs of extending the powertrain warranty.

  • Dealerships will offer different requirements and restrictions to qualify for warranty programs on their used inventory. You need to research the requirements and limitations of the dealership warranties to determine if your used vehicle qualifies. 

What You Can and Can’t Do While Your Car is Under Warranty 

A dealer or car manufacturer could void your warranty under certain circumstances. To avoid this, you have to understand what you can and can't do while your car is under warranty. 

  • If you tamper with any of the parts in your car, leading them to break or become damaged, the car manufacturer could deny any claim you present to get the parts repaired or replaced. 

  • Do not do anything to the odometer. If you disconnect, tamper with, or replace your odometer, the dealership cannot get an accurate reading of your mileage. This tampering will lead the dealership to void your warranty.

  • While you can not always control environmental damage, a dealership can void a warranty depending on the extent of the damage to your vehicle. 

  • When your car is under warranty, you are allowed to take your vehicle to any third-party service center to have repairs done. You are also entitled to use any aftermarket parts that you would like to fix a problem. 

  • Modifications to parts will not void your warranty. However, if a dealership can prove that the modification is what resulted in your car needing a repair, they are allowed to void any warranty you have.


Take Advantage of Your Warranty 


You should get all the necessary repairs done before your warranty expires. Even if you don't notice anything wrong with your car at the time, it is smart to take advantage of your warranty and send it to your local Fremont, Nebraska Chrysler service center, just in case. 

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