The term horsepower was adopted in the late eighteenth century. It was coined by a Scottish engineer by the name of James Watt. Watt had developed a new type of steam engine that was far superior to similar products already on the market. Watt wanted to sell his engines to coal mine owners who used horses to do their labor. These potential customers had also had bad experiences with other steam engines and weren't ready to test another model.

Watt decided that he had to accurately compare the output of the steam engines with the power of the draft horses that were already being used in the mines. Though this wasn't an easy task, Watt eventually had his answer: One horse's power was equal to moving 33,000 pounds one foot in sixty seconds.

Now that Watt had this new unit of measurement, he was able to convince reluctant buyers to take a chance on his new and improved engine. The impact of the horsepower was so great on the steam engine industry that it spread to other types of similar industries. It remains a common unit of measurement even today. To discuss which modern vehicles have the most horsepower, contact Gene Steffy Chrysler Jeep DOdge in Fremont, NE today!

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