Five Reasons to Maintain Regular Oil Changes

A vehicle's engine has many moving parts and is essential to all other car parts. It is important to keep up an oil change every six months or five thousand miles so your car will run properly.
  • It maintains proper engine lubrication to keep the many working parts functional and working properly.
  • New oil helps to cool the engine components to allow your vehicle's engine from overheating.
  • A regular oil change will remove dust, dirt, and sludge that gets into the system over time. Keeping it working exactly how it should for you.
  • An important thing in this economy, that a regular oil change helps with, is improving your gas mileage. Fewer trips to the gas station for a fill-up helps to save you money over time.
  • Most importantly, a regular oil change will keep your car running longer for you.
An engine has several moving parts and over time if those parts are not lubricated, they will begin to break down, become contaminated, and not work properly. These problems lead to possible engine replacement when not taken care of, which costs thousands of dollars.
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