Sometimes people get the definitions of all-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive confused. It would seem to some that the items discussed are really just the same thing. That is not really the truth as we shall soon see. Although both processes do supply power to the four wheels of a vehicle for the purposes of giving more traction when driving, that is where any similarity ends.

Four-wheel-drive gets its mojo from a split differential and a lowered gear ratio. It is prominently found in pickup trucks and off-road, oversized SUVs. These types of vehicles are typically used in sporting and maintenance capacities such as off-road and rugged terrain purposes.

All-wheel-drive configurations are designed for use on paved roadways. A steady supply of power is sent to each wheel with extra boosts as needed to be given as road conditions differ per wheel. High-performance vehicles, crossovers, and sedans are usually the vehicles where all-wheel-drive is found for use in bad weather and difficult on-road conditions.

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