Jeep Brand shows us Moab like we've never seen it before!

Missed the Easter Jeep Safari this year? That's okay, Jeep brand has your back! Jeep brand just released some amazing 360 degree footage shot on the Safari.

Moab, Utah played host to not only the 50th annual Easter Jeep Safari this year, but also Jeep brand's 75th year on - and off - the road. Jeep brand fans flocked from across the country to hit the trails of Moab and enjoy the full capabilities of their vehicles. In addition, Jeep brand released its brand new Wrangler Red Rocks Edition, a specialized Wrangler to commemorate its half century of hosting the Safari in Moab. In addition, Jeep brand debuted it's new Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit, a new model in the Grand Cherokee series, designed as an even more rugged edition to an already fantastic lineup.

So if you like what you see in the video above, you may well be an off-roader at heart. Check out our awesome selection of Jeep vehicles online or stop in to our dealership in Fremont for a test drive today!


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