Ber Knight and his CJ-7 map the Moab trails for Easter Jeep Safari in this week's "My Jeep Story"

The Easter Jeep Safari has grown into a truly huge event over the past 50 years. Hundreds of Jeep Brand fans flock to Moab every year for the event, taking over the vast network of trails that zigzag through the rocky desert. Yet much of this wouldn't be possible without the work of Ber Knight. In this week's installment of Jeep Brand's "My Jeep Story" series, we hear from the man who mapped many of the Moab trails that make the Safari what it is today.

Ber Knight has lived in Moab for many years now and in all that time he's gotten to know the rocky trails of Moab pretty well. Along with other recreational off-roaders, Ber set out to help map the Moab trails of the Easter Jeep Safari as none had ever done before. Some trails were mapped while others were totally uncharted. Using an old GPS unit and his own map making prowess, Ber charted trails that had been previously unknown and un-driven by any in the off-roading community. In fact, he even blazed a few new trails in the process!

Ber's maps provide important trail guides and safety information to Safari attendants year after year and his tireless efforts really lay a lot of credence to the Jeep Brand motto, "We don't make Jeep. You do." So, if you'd like to start blazing your own trails in a Jeep vehicles, visit us today at Gene Steffy Chrysler Dodge Jeep for a test drive!


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