X Ambassadors rock out with the Jeep Renegade out on city streets

If you're new to the 4x4 vehicle and you're under the impression that the Jeep SUV only has off-road manners, you're going to be pleasantly proven wrong by the brand's latest commercial.

Featuring a road-going alt-rock band called "X Ambassador" and the all-terrain-going 2015 Jeep Renegade, the ad follows the indie rockers as they travel from gig to gig in the svelte yet surprisingly spacious SUV -- and they're not taking the shortcut over the mountains to get there. The Renegade boasts a composed, cargo-accommodating, agile and all-weather ride that's perfect for traveling from the well-paved city streets to the concert out in the sticks.

Watch the group rock out to their aptly named song, "Renegades," in the compliant, well-mannered Renegade via the commercial below:

See the Renegade on its best behavior, parked here at Gene Steffy Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM in Fremont, NE, and then rock out in your favorite model with a fun, engaging test drive.


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